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bishop Joel robinson sr.

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Greater Mt. Salem Missionary Baptist Church. Blessed by God to grow up in a Christian home that was saturated in God’s word. Pastor Jeremiah Robinson Sr. and Lady Janice Robinson had five children where Bishop Joel Robinson Sr. was the last child. Bishop Robinson has one anointed singing sister (Gloria Robinson Wells) and has three brothers (Rev. Jeremiah Robinson Jr., Rev. Jerome Robinson, Bishop Jeffery Robinson) in the gospel ministry as well.

He was reluctant to go into ministry because he saw personally how hard and demanding it was. He accepted Jesus as his personal Lord September 15, 1991 at the age of thirteen. Bishop Robinson has always wanted to do more for God since that age, he personally did all that he could to seek God’s face in worship and used his voice to sing the praises of God.

In 2001, he formed a Gospel music group named New Vision, where they ministered songs that were originally written by him since 1995. It was then that God showed him that He was to be his mouthpiece as well in his own right. Bishop Robinson is thankful to God to be blessed with an Amazing wife and life partner Anna M. Robinson who is his number 1 supporter. They have three children Tanee’, Kennedy and Joel Il and one gorgeous granddaughter Makayla.

Through the study of God’s word, a consistent prayer life and heart of worship with a commitment to servant leadership he strives to proclaim the Good News of God’s love, to help others to be committed in relationship with our LORD. Dedicated to lead new believers and those who will follow in Word, Prayer, praise and worship of our father. Bishop Robinson is on assignment by God, not only to pray, preach and sing, but also to teach the people of God the value of worship, while bringing the revelation of God’s word in a practical way so that people may grasp and apply it to everyday life.

Bishop Joel Robinson Sr.

Senior Pastor


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2335 Moncrief Road Jacksonville, FL. 32209
United States

Greater Mt. Salem Baptist Church.
OUR VISION: The Vision from God is to build a worshiping, witnessing, and working community of active believers from different ethnic groups and social economic levels with the ministry focus of changing the way people perceive the Church of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Bishop Joel Robinson

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